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ExpectationsContemporary business wear

The Sixth Form at Manor School is a place of work, and we believe that maintaining a smart appearance is a life skill which helps students have appropriate standards when they are here, and trains them for the world of work when they leave.

It is clear that employers have increasingly relaxed dress codes in businesses, and so our revised dress code reflects an appropriate standard of dress for Sixth Form students, and that being able to choose what they wear to school is a sign of their growing maturity.

Our aim is for students to aspire for the highest possible standards in their approach to their studies and beyond, so we would like to create a culture that means students continue to apply these standards to their dress and appearance.

We have the following non-negotiables:

  1. Students must wear their ID badges/lanyards at all times whilst on the school site.
  2. Students must not wear items that are inappropriate for a workplace. Examples of inappropriate items include sportswear, ripped clothing, hats, caps and clothing we consider to be ‘too revealing’ (e.g. low-cut tops, very short skirts, shorts).
  3. Students must not wear their hoods up at any time.

The school and Sixth Form leaders reserve the right to make judgements on dress that we regard inappropriate. In cases where a student’s clothing is deemed inappropriate for Sixth Form a private conversation will initially be had by a member of the Sixth Form team asking the student not to wear that, or similar, item(s) again. If a student persists in disregarding our dress code, parents will be contacted.

Course changes

Students in the sixth form commit to two-year courses. We run a thorough induction programme to ensure students make the right decisions. 
Students must request alterations to the timetable by October in Year 12. 
In exceptional circumstances, we will consider further requests after trial exams in Year 12, again at the end of Year 12, and finally, after trial exams in Year 13. 
Students must complete the online form before requests are considered.