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Welcome from the Interim Principal

Welcome to Manor School, a proud member of Nene Education Trust

Our mission is ‘Success for All’ - within our school and Trust communities, fulfilled through our determination for raising aspirations and developing character within a positive environment. We are passionate about inspiring our students to be confident, ambitious and successful individuals.  We teach and promote our school values of Resilience, Empathy, Aspiration, Curiosity and Humanity (our REACH values) as structure to support this.

At Manor, we have three very simple ideals that we expect of everyone - staff and students. We expect everyone to be Ready, Respectful and Responsible. This requires everyone to have high standards for themselves and high expectations of each other. We expect every member of our school community to treat each other as they would want to be treated.

A great Manor student wants to be challenged. We value students who work hard and seek to improve themselves, in all aspects of life. Academic study is an important part of this, but we also want our students to be well-rounded people, so taking part in sports, arts and the community are also important. Our WORK, WORLD, WELLNESS approach is about creating students who are more than just exam results. We want to develop high functioning and balanced adults, when our students leave us.

To achieve these high-level values and aspirations, we ask one thing of the members of our community: Be a little bit better, every single day. Learn something new, doing something differently, have a new experience. Taking these small improvements, day upon day, will make achieving that success we want for you, much more manageable. If you want to get better, we are here for you.

I look forward to meeting students, parents, family members and people from our local community, working together. Along with our staff, we are all stakeholders in the success of our school and the community of Raunds. Together, we are more powerful and can make a difference to all.


Adam Crawte

Interim Principal