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Our commitment to Work as part of our Work. World. Wellness. curriculum includes our careers education and work related learning provisions.

Year groupThemeContent
7 Work and managing money
  • Types of work
  • Job satisfaction – work to live or live to work?
  • Reasons for working
  • Exploring attitudes towards money
  • Basic budgeting skills
8 Business and labour markets
  • Basics of the business sector
  • The importance of different types of work
  • The role of business within the economy
  • The Northamptonshire labour market
  • National labour markets
9 Making choices
  • Building self-awareness of employability skills
  • Considering decision making skills
  • Linking education to the world of work
10 Risk and reviewing progress
  • Rights, responsibilities and the law in the workplace
  • Developing self-awareness and confidence in employability skills
11 Managing choice and preparing for transition
  • Decision making for post-16 pathways
  • Creating CVs and completing application forms
  • Developing interview skills
12 & 13 Preparing for adult life
  • University preferences and applications
  • University finance
  • Alternative pathways and preparation
  • Engaging with employers

We explore other elements of Careers and Work Related Learning through across the curriculum and throughout our Work Curriculum Days.


We are required to monitor student destinations and ensure that everyone has moved onto a positive outcome and provide support if needed.

  • 119 students finished Year 11 in 2018
  • 54 students went into Manor Sixth Form
  • 9 students went into other Sixth Forms
  • 9 students went into Apprenticeships
  • 42 students went into Colleges of Further Education
  • 5 students went into alternative training providers
  • 100% of students went on to positive destinations