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Summer Curriculum Day: Ecosystems, charities, diversity and financial education

Students were out of lessons on Thursday 1 July for the final Curriculum Day of this academic year. The day saw each year group participate in a variety of talks, workshops and projects related to a specific branch of Manor’s Work.World.Wellness. curriculum programme.

Year 7 - World: Ecosystems and biodiversity

Year 7's activities were based around the values of being an Eco-School, with students looking at how we can promote biodiversity in our local ecosystem. Guest speaker Liz Williams from Stanwick Lakes and former Y13 student Huw delivered a presentation about the work they do to maintain biodiversity, with students able to look at a variety of samples such as animal skulls, leaves and preserved specimens of species that are found in the local area. Activities included making insect refuges and investigating the daisy population of the school field. Students also designed a bee-friendly garden as part of Radio 2's Big Bee Challenge.

Year 8 - World: Charities

Year 8 students learnt about the role that charities play in making the world a more equitable place. Guest speakers from four charities (Hannah Pennock from the British Heart Foundation, Jodie Gardner from Rushden Mind, Kate Archer from Animals in Need, and Louise Gardner from Cransley Hospice Trust) spoke to students virtually about the work that they do both as individuals and as organisations, with students able to ask questions about their fundraising methods and challenges that they have faced during the pandemic. Students then spent the afternoon coming up with their own ideas for a charity, creating posters that outlined their mission statement, how they would raise funds and why people should donate to their cause.

Year 9 - World: Diversity

Year 9's activities were centred around the theme of diversity. Lesley Lock from Autism East Midlands, Andrew Moffatt from No Outsiders, Councillor James Hill (Chair of the West Northants Diversity Community Forum), deaf awareness speaker Emily Andrews, and Leon Brathwaite & Shaka Hislop from Show Racism the Red Card spoke to students about the many ways in which people can differ, why it is important to talk about discrimination and inequality, and how they can better support each other and members of the local community. Students rounded out the day by considering what they had learnt, how it will help them in the future, and what they pledge to do going forward.

Year 10 - Wellness: Financial education

Year 10 students spent the day rotating around a series of financial education workshops. Topics included budgeting, spending priorities, how we pay tax and what it pays for, types of borrowing and interest rates, currency exchange rates, types of payment method and what they are best suited for, as well as saving and investment alternatives. Students then had to use the information they were given during the day to judge if their life goals/aspirations were realistic and how they may need to be altered in light of the costs associated with them.

Year 12 - Wellness: Planning for the future

Year 12 students had the opportunity to attend a number of different sessions throughout the morning. Ms Verma and Mrs Matthews ran EPQ focus gatherings where students could work on and receive help with their EPQ projects, a local nurse delivered a sexual health presentation, as well as a personal statement writing workshop for those applying for university.