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In our context, 95%+ of our school community is White British. Therefore, it is essential that we proactively recognise, celebrate and encourage diversity. This, in turn, will enable the young people of Manor School to contribute as knowledgeable global citizens; proud of their locality and understanding of others.

We have a good track record of recognition through the Global Learning Programme and achieving the International Schools Award (2017-20); however, it is essential that global citizenship and celebrating diversity is a central strand within our core curriculum due to the context outlined above.

Indeed the importance of this is recognized by the UN with ‘Fostering Global Citizenship’, as priority 3 of the UN Secretary General’s Global Education First initiative. The GEFI defines global citizenship thus:

“The world faces global challenges, which require global solutions. These interconnected global challenges call for far-reaching changes in how we think and act for the dignity of fellow human beings.”

“It is not enough for education to produce individuals who can read, write and count…..Education must be transformative and bring shared values to life. It must cultivate an active care for the world and for those with whom we share it. Education must also be relevant in answering the big questions of the day…..Technological solutions, political regulation or financial instruments alone cannot achieve sustainable development. It requires transforming the way people think and act.

Education must fully assume its central role in helping people to forge more just, peaceful, tolerant and inclusive societies. It must give people the understanding, skills and values they need to cooperate in resolving the interconnected challenges of the 21st century.”

At Manor we want our students to be pro-active, positive members of their local, regional and global communities to enable them to have the capacity to make a difference.

Through the curriculum, experiences and opportunities that we provide for our young people, we will ensure that individual differences are recognised and celebrated by all. When our students leave Manor School they will have developed the REACH characteristics (Resilience, Empathy, Aspiration, Curiosity, Humanity) that we value so that they:

  • contribute positively to society as well-rounded global citizens
  • have had significant opportunities and experiences to develop their cultural capital
  • are critical thinkers, able to consider big questions from alternative viewpoints in order to identify viable solutions