Our Leadership Academy programme provides students with the inspiration and coaching to achieve excellence in sport and the arts. The Academy ethos is that student leadership is at the heart of the school. This programme enables students to have opportunities to:

  • Be mentored academically and on a talent basis to provide the support to reach their full potential
  • Participate in a variety of activities provided by companies such as Human Utopia, Youth Sport Trust and the local sector to experience extending the boundaries of learning away from the classroom environment
  • Access the extensive sports, musical and arts facilities to cater for their sporting and creative needs
  • Have leadership opportunities at local, regional and national levels
  • Create a personalised leadership/sporting/creative studies action plan in relation to individual performance targets

We allocate twenty school places to our Leadership Academy during our Year 7 admissions process, however there is the opportunity for all students to join in with leadership activities throughout their school career.


  Leadership Academy application form - Sept 2018 admission (107.5 KiB)

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