Name Initials Role E-mail
Jay Davenport JDA Principal
Lee Towers LTO Vice Principal
Chris Bateman CBN Assistant Principal
Matthew Hurren MHU Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Assessment Recording and Reporting
Glenn Martin GMA Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning
Sarah Mitchell SMI Assistant Principal – SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead

General finance queries – 

Name Initials Role E-mail
Trudi Brown TBR Finance assistant
Beverley Davis BDE Business and Operations Manager
Gill Hall GHA Finance officer
Name Initials Role E-mail
Nicola Armitage NAR Transition and Achievement Manager
Paula Chambers PCH Reception/Administration Assistant (part time)
Tara Damon TDA Communications Administrator (part time)
Jane O’Brien JOB Learning Resource Centre Assistant
Jeni Reece JRE Data Manager
Sandra Rodway SRY Teaching & Learning and Curriculum Manager
Lisa Smedley LSM Curriculum Enrichment Co-ordinator (part-time)
Kelly Tripkovic KTR HR Officer
Jane Walker JWA Reception/Administration Assistant (part time)
Name Initials Role E-mail
Natalie Bannard NBA Operations Administrator
Beverley Davis BDE Business and Operations Manager
Michelle Du Pille MDP Assessment, Recording and Reporting Assistant
Sandra Stephenson SST Examinations Officer
Name Initials Role E-mail
Michela Andreana MAN English Teacher
Darren Carter DCA Curriculum Lead for English
Katie Dicker KDI English Teacher
Alexandra Ellsmore AEL English Teacher
James Guest JGU English Teacher
Gina Hardy GHY English Teacher
Rebecca Moreton RMO English Teacher
Beverley Sharp BSP English Teacher
Niven Whatley NWH English Teacher (temporary)
Name Initials Role E-mail
David Adams DAD Maths Teacher
Mohammed Ahmin MAH Maths Teacher
Alana Charles ACH Maths Teacher
David Harris DHA Maths Teacher
Sarah Manser SMN Director of Maths
Chris McHarg CMC Maths Teacher
Name Initials Role E-mail
Sanjay Bhangal SBH Science Teacher
Nicole Eales NEA Science Teacher
Matthew Hurren MHU Science Teacher (Assistant Principal)
Ria Ireland RIR Health & Social Care Teacher
Tony Irving TIR Assistant Director of Science
Amber Lowe ALO Science Teacher (part time)
Sarah Marshall SML Psychology Teacher
Justine Mitchell-Bunce JMI Science Teacher
Glenn Turner GTU Director of Science
Name Initials Role E-mail
India Blanchard-Doyle IBL Technology Teacher
Ben Cousins BCS Curriculum Lead for Technology
Ria Ireland RIR Technology Teacher
Simon Isaacs SIS Catering and Hospitatlity Teacher
Sarah Mitchell SMI Technology Teacher
Andrew Turner ATU Technology Teacher
Name Initials Role E-mail
Cheryl Collier CCO ICT and Business Teacher
Simon Hill SHL Economics Teacher
Ketan Rohit KRO ICT Teacher
Daniel Skeggs DSK Business Studies Teacher
Eliza Wilford EWI ICT Teacher
Name Initials Role E-mail
Jonathan Andrews JAN Curriculum Lead for Humanities
Claire Johnson CJO Humanities Teacher
Harriet Notley HNO Humanities Teacher
Nick Royle NRO Law and Humanities Teacher
Daniel Rowe DRO Geography Teacher
Andrew Stephenson ASE History and Humanities Teacher
Seema Verma SVE Sociology Teacher (part time)
Name Initials Role E-mail
Martin Brooks MBR Languages Teacher
Gabriele Collier GCO Languages Teaching Assistant
Katy Donovan KDO Languages Teacher
Margaret Thompson MTN Languages Teacher
Name Initials Role E-mail
Carl Brown CBR PE Teacher
Toni Hustwait THU Curriculum Lead for Sport
Hayleigh King HKI PE and Science Teacher
Glenn Martin GMA PE Teacher (Assistant Principal)
Alexis Rate ARA Dance/PE Teacher (part time)
Mark Robinson MRO PE Teacher
Chris Ruggins CRU PE Teacher
Debbie Sanders DSA PE Teacher
Matthew Sturgess MST PE Teacher
Name Initials Role E-mail
Melissa Barron MBA Music Teacher
John Bickerdike JBI Music Teacher
Nicola Bradbury NBR Drama Teacher
Darren Carter DCA Drama Teacher
Annabel Ciesielski ACI Dance/PE Teacher
Emma McDowell EMC Art Teacher
Alexis Rate ARA Dance/PE Teacher (part time)
Name Initials Role E-mail
Sarah Mitchell SMI Assistant Principal – SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Nicola Way NWA Attendance Officer
Hayleigh King HKI Head of Year 7
Nick Royle NRO Head of Year 8
Matt Sturgess MST Head of Year 9
Simon Isaacs SIS Head of Year 10
Carl Brown CBR Head of Year 11
Gina Hardy GHY Head of Years 12 & 13
Nicola Armitage NAR Senior Pastoral Support Officer (KS3)
Joyce Crawley JCR Pastoral Support Officer (KS3)
Ruth Mallinson RMA Pastoral Support Officer (KS3)
Paige Bryan PBR Senior Pastoral Support Officer (KS4&5)
Sarah Birch SBI Pastoral Support Officer (KS4&5)
Name Initials Role E-mail
Lynette Brown LBR Inclusion and Support Manager
Sarah Mitchell SMI Assistant Principal, Director of Student Services and SENCO
Name Initials Role E-mail
Thomas Hatton THA Sports Centre Manager
Anthony Neville ANE Duty Officer
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