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Students were out of lessons on Thursday 4 July for the third and final Curriculum Day of this academic year. The day saw each year group participate in a variety of talks, workshops and projects related to a specific branch of Manor’s WORK.WORLD.WELLNESS. curriculum programme.

Year 7 – World: Climate Change

Looking through a scientific lense, Year 7 students spent the day exploring the reasons for climate change, its impact around the world and what can be done to reverse the effects. The first activity involved researching what climate change is, the impact to humans and changes that are affecting the environment. This was followed by watching a David Attenborough documentary on the topic, before an activity where they used recycled materials to make models of animals which are at risk from the impact of climate change. Students also carried out an investigation into how long it takes for an ice cube to melt when in different water temperatures, and then wrapped up the day by reflecting upon everything that they had learnt.

Year 8 – World: Humanity

Year 8 students explored why charities are needed around the world and the part we all play in becoming a more humane and fair society. They began the day with an introductory session discussing what charities are and how they as individuals have helped/donated to a cause. They then rotated around a series of talks from charitable groups to find out what they do – this included Rushden Mind, Rockingham Forest Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Beryl Thyer Memorial Africa Trust, Raunds Communnity Church, Solve It, Age UK Northants and Cransley Hospice. Using the information they had gathered, students then created their on charities before finishing with a marketplace activity whey they donated ‘money’ to what they thought was the most worthy cause that had been created.

Year 9 – World: Theatre and Culture

Our Year 9 students worked together to put on a 30-minute performance of Macbeth by the end of the day. The first task was assigning character roles and reading through the script, before having 2 hours of rehearsal time. A small number of students from each group had the same 2 hours to produce the set background, sound and lighting effects. After a final runthrough before the lunch break, the groups paired up in order put on their performance to an audience.

Year 10 – Work: Enterprise

Year 10 were involved in a Dragons’ Den activity, where they explored the business world and worked in teams to pitch their ideas for a new product. They began the day with a welcome briefing, followed by a short brainstorming session to generate ideas for their product. They then participated in a series of workshops to develop their ideas – this included how to deliver a great pitch, how to finance their product, creating promotional materials, brand and product development, how consumers would buy their product and how much it would cost. After deciding in their classes which product to put through to the final, the selected students delivered their product pitches to the Dragons’ Den panel made up of business teacher Miss Collier, school business manager Beverley Davies and the ‘Grumpy Entrepreneur’ David Murray-Hundley. The two overall winners are to compete against other local schools in a special event taking place next week.

Years 12 – Wellness: TEAM

Our Year 12 students explored the balance between work and rest, discovering the importance of ensuring that they have a healthy mind. They also completed activities to show how a team ethos can promote success. This involved a trip to Rock-It at Rushden Lakes where they faced a morning of team-building activities as well as having some time to explore the shopping centre. This was followed by a late lunch at a restaurant for the entire year group.

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