Celebration afternoon tea

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The top 15 students from across Years 7 to 13 who had accumulated the most achievement points between September 2018 and April 2019 were invited to a special celebration afternoon tea on Friday 26 April.

Between them they received an astounding total of 21621 achievement points, earned through working hard in lessons, contributing thoughtful and insightful ideas to class discussions, displaying enthusiasm and progress in subjects, contributing to after school events and consultation evenings, and even leading others in extra-curricular activities. The students are role models both academically and as engaging individuals, always striving to be the greatest they can be and working to the best of their ability.

To celebrate the students’ success, students and their parents/carers were invited to enjoy cakes, sandwiches, crisps and drinks in the school restaurant. Mr Davenport opened the event by welcoming the guests, followed by Progress Leaders saying a few words about the exceptional performance of each of the students.

It was a lovely afternoon and we would like to thank the parents/carers who joined us for making the celebration extra special.

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