Business Breakfast on 9 May 2019

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Our commitment to developing Work. World. and Wellness. is at the heart of our curriculum. Throughout a student’s time at Manor School, our Work. curriculum aims to develop their understanding and awareness of their future careers and the links between education, work and the role of lifelong learning. Students will leave our school with a well-rounded view of the opportunities and pathways available to them, and make the most of them. Our World. curriculum recognises that our young people need to develop their understanding of the wider world and their place beyond it so that they can contribute positively to society as well rounded global citizens. Finally, our Wellness. strand aims to be proactive and positive in our provision to ensure that students are both physically and mentally healthy to lead a fulfilling life.

As we develop our Manor School Work. curriculum, we are looking to further develop our links with Northamptonshire employers. We are keen to establish and enhance partnerships that are mutually beneficial to ensure that our students are prepared to enter the world beyond education with the skills, qualities and attributes that twenty first century business demands.

To help us on our journey, we would like to invite your organisation to take part in our first Business Breakfast on Thursday 9 May 2019. The meeting will take place in our Manor Restaurant from 7:30 until 9:00am. The aim of our first meeting is to:

  • Share our ambitious and exciting vision for Manor School and our Work. World. Wellness. curriculum with local employers.
  • Identify the employability skills, qualities and attributes that businesses need from young people when they enter the world of work.
  • Identify potential opportunities for our partnership to become mutually beneficial.

We are excited about the development of our Work. curriculum at Manor School and we would welcome the opportunity to explore the relationship we can build in the future. Please RSVP to us by Wednesday 1 May 2019 by completing and returning the below form.

If we can answer any questions or you would like to discuss further, please contact Mr C Bateman, Assistant Principal, in the first instance.

  Business Breakfast invitation (442.3 KiB)

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